Home Inspection

Cost of Services

A home inspection will generally run between $300-600 depending on a few variables:

  • 1. Size of the home
  • 2. Age of the home
  • 3. The presence of accessible crawlspaces
  • 4. Number of individual units for multi-family structures

Specialized or partial inspections are priced per job, but generally less than a complete inspection

Mold & Air Quality

Initial Inspection

There will be at least 3 samples taken. These will consist of air, swab, lift or bulk samples.

The samples will be sent out to our lab overnight for results the next day.

The sampling process includes a limited property inspection to diagnose the problem.

A report complete with pictures and recommended next course of action (if necessary), along with lab results will be sent within 3 business days from the date of sampling.

Mold & Air Quality

Post Remediation

We do not do offer remediation services, as we believe this is a conflict of interest, but we work with a network of qualified remediators.

There will be at least 3 samples taken. These will consist of air quality tests, or lift/swab tests if appropriate.

This is a limited inspection designed to validate remediation work already done.

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI
IAC2 Mold Certified
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What to Expect.....

General Home Inspection

Our inspector will arrive on-site and first familiarize themselves with the property. They will climb on the roof, go into the crawlspace, open the mechanical access points, operate plumbing fixtures, operate lighting fixtures, open the main electrical panel (and sub panels) disconnect box, survey the structures and go through any accessible rooms or areas of the house to give you a comprehensive survey of the property. It will be a visual, non-destructive inspection reporting on the inspectors trained observations. The inspector's and client's safety is of utmost importance. If it determined it is unsafe for the inspector to proceed, the inspector may omit certain portions of the inspection due to safety concerns. These areas will be noted on the report. It usually takes about 1-1/2 - 2 hours for the average home inspection.

Air quality & mold inspection

Although these do vary, the inspection portion is very similar to the general inspection, except the inspector will only look at areas/components related to water intrusion and moisture build-up.

The inspection will usually start with exterior air samples to gauge the ambient air quality. From there the inspector will sample the interior of the property. The idea being the indoor air quality should be similar to the exterior air except with less spores or contaminants.

After the sampling is complete, the samples are sent to an independent 3rd party lab for analysis.

After the samples are analyzed, a report is drafted and sent to the customer. We will then contact you to go over the results and give you assistance with the next steps (if necessary).